where kids connect.explore.grow.move.play.learn.create.unplug.socialize.thrive.


Movement is key to our treatment approach...

neurons that fire together, wire together!




Play is the developmental medium that children learn and grow...

plus it is fun!




Children's brains acquire new skills when they are readily engaged in the "doing" of hands on activities!




Confidence in our selves and our ability to navigate the environment allows us to explore and expand our level of independence!





Our ultimate goal...be the best that one can be, joyfully succeeding in all things KID...from infancy and beyond!




Who might we help?

We work within the child’s entire lifespan…from a fussy infant with regulatory or feeding challenges to a toddler missing developmental milestones. A preschooler with attention concerns to a kindergartner with difficulty writing letters.  A school age kid having difficulty learning to ride a bike or keep up with his peers; to a teenager, learning life skills as they prepare to move into adulthood.  With the goal of addressing the child’s natural environment, Kids on the POINT OT works closely with the child, the family, and a child's larger community.  We routinely provide evaluation and direct treatment to support joyful engagement and true success in being a kid.

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