Evaluation & Treatment

To get started with services, a registered occupational therapist will conduct an initial evaluation to determine how occupational therapy can support your family. The evaluation consists of a parent interview, review of developmental history, standardized testing, and clinical observations. Your therapist will then write up a report, including the findings, goals, and recommendations for moving forward. An optional parent meeting is provided as part of this evaluation process to discuss in greater depth the findings and plan of care to assure all family members/caregivers are educated on what to expect and how our treatment style can support progress in your child's development. After the evaluation, children are seen for 60 minute sessions with a standing weekly appointment. We encourage our parents to join in during your child's therapy to become bettter educated on how to carryover strategies at home. 

Tricare families & SDRC(San Diego Regional Center)Families

We are happy to be Tricare providers, as our local San Diego community houses many military families. If you are insured under Tricare, please give us a call before beginning services so that we may assist you in the process of obtaining an authorization from your pediatrician. THANK YOU for your service!


San Diego Regional Center services are provided either in home or clinic for children birth-3 years old, at no cost to you! Please contact us to learn more.


Aside from Tricare Insurance, we are a fee-for-service business, meaning we do not accept any other insurance; however, we are happy to educate you on how to submit our receipt for potenitial insurance reimbursement, upon your insurance's discretion. Please call us to ask about our current rates for initial evaluation, and ongoing treatment sessions. 



We're Here to Help You!

If you are interested in pursuing an occupational therapy evaluation or want to learn more about our services, we are always here to help! 


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