Breezy,Our loving therapy dog

Breezy is a specially bred and professionally trained Canine Companion for Independence (CCI) Facility dog.  CCI Facility dogs are trained in obedience, interactive and working commands. Facility dogs provide unconditional love and attention to every client they interact with; help engage clients in a variety of activities; are super fun; and encourage feelings of calm.


Fun Breezy Facts:

Breezy is a female lab/golden cross breed.  She was born May 7, 2012 in Santa Rosa, California and came to CCI Southwest Region headquarters in Oceanside at the age of 8 weeks.  From there, she was placed with a loving family (puppy raisers) who gave her early socialization and training for a year and a half.  She then returned to CCI for her formal training. She has been taught over 40 commands and is a graduate of their program.  Following facilitator training with her handler, Bobbi, Breezy was placed with Kids on the POINT OT, Inc. on May 28, 2014 as a new team member.


Breezy is full of joy and love.  When she is not working, she loves to fetch balls and play with squeak toys. She enjoys long community walks, hiking and meeting other dogs.


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